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What are the different Canvas pricing plans?

Canvas offers a variety of plans to fit your needs. Click below to view them all.


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Does each person that is going to use Canvas on their mobile device need to be on a payment plan?

Yes! The pricing above is "per user" pricing.  Accounts can't be shared across multiple users.  Plus there is all kinds of functionality within Canvas connected to having an account for each user. You can:

  • Control what Canvas apps each user can access. 
  • Put your users in groups to easily publish new apps for specific teams. 
  • Auto-populate fields based on the user logging in, saving them time. 
  • See what users are submitting data.  Each submission is tied the account that filled it out and sent it in.   

Can I use Canvas on multiple devices?

Yes! Each of your users can log onto Canvas on multiple devices.  You might have an iPhone and an iPad.  And maybe you want to use your Windows laptop, too.  Go right ahead!  Canvas is available on a wide variety of devices. 

How many separate Canvas apps can I use?

As many as you want!  Pricing is not tied to the number of Canvas Apps you create or download from our Application Store.  Create as many and edit them as often as you want.  The more you use Canvas, the more savings you'll see.  

What if I'm using Canvas in a retail environment where my customers are filling in Canvas Apps.

Do I need to license it for each customer?

No! There are some scenarios where per device licensing is allowed. This is one of them. Just license Canvas for the number of devices you have in your place of business. Lots of business use Canvas for signing waiver forms or sign-up forms where they just hand a tablet to their customer to use.

Do you charge my card each time someone submits data with Canvas?

No! We only charge your card one time per month.  We roll up your charges for the month and charge you once.  You can view your statements online with Canvas in the "My Account" area under "My Home".

Questions or Comments?

Please don't hesitate to contact us. We also have volume pricing available for larger organizations. 


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January 05, 2011

what is the payment system? how it is charged and paid?

Chris Morisette
January 14, 2011


  The large majority of Canvas customers pay with Credit Card (all normal credit cards are supported).  In situations where there are a large number of users within an account, we do support invoicing for those types of clients.


June 04, 2011

Can a user be tied to multiple ipads or iphones? I.e. I have a receptionist that has visitors fill out agreements, only have the 1 receptionist but she has 4 ipads to facilitate rushes. Does that require 4 users, or can she be logged in simultaneously to all 4 ipads that are being used and having submissions within the same time period. Thanks!

Chris Morisette
June 06, 2011


The way Canvas is licensed is “per mobile user”, which for most of Canvas customers is a mobile worker.  Since you are having multiple people using iPads, you would license it per mobile device and then assign a different log in per device.  So, in this case you would license 4 users.

Let us know if you need anything else,

David Hilger
August 23, 2011

confused on pricing. what does each submission mean, for instance if i collect time sheets each day what do i pay, the app i am making is just for 1 person at this time.

September 09, 2011

Lets say I have 5 mobiles that are shared between 20 people, and these 20 people would each need a log in. Would I need to license 5 copies, or 20?

Chris Morisette
September 26, 2011

Thanks for reaching out to Canvas.  With regards to your licensing question, we are licensed “per mobile user” - which is equivalent to a log in.  So, if you need to have 20 people submitting data uniquely, then that is 20 licenses.

Let us know if you need anything else,

Chris Morisette
September 26, 2011


  With regards to pricing, think of a submission as a paper form.  Every time you fill out a submission and click “finish”, that qualifies as a submission.  If you fill out a large number of submissions, its recommended you go to the unlimited submission plans.

Let us know if you need anything else,

Brandon Rogers - Plott
February 11, 2012

I am trying to figure out what is the best payment option for us? We are a small Wellness clinic and I will be the only one filling out forms (and them being emailed back to me) for when I do corporate/home visits. 

I typically will email myself around 20-25 forms per month. So should I just stay with the unlimited monthly plan?

Brandon Rogers -Plott CMT
Body Intuition

James W Quigley
February 19, 2012

Good Question Brandon, At 20-25 forms per month you would pay about $10.00-$12.50 a month but if you go over a monthly plan would be a great way to go thus reducing your chance of going over.  You can always change plans from monthly to Pay as you Go.

Bob Froud
September 20, 2012

If I submit one form but send it to 5 people to receive a copy will that count as one submission or 5 submissions

Joe Baldwin
September 20, 2012

This would count as 1 submission, it doesn’t matter how many people you email the submission to.

Let us know if you need any further assistance.

Brandon H.
February 25, 2013

I have about 200 employees that need to be able to access and submit information multiple time per day.1) Would you be willing to work out a better price per user for that amount of users? 2) Does retrieving information and forms count as a submission?

May 04, 2013

Hi guys

I already have a yearly plan with you, does it cost extra for your team to make custom PDF’s?

May 07, 2013

With the pay as you go plan, does the $4.95 just get you one license that you can use up to 5 times per month without extra charges?

June 06, 2013

If we were to create an app for quality assurance of our building work - who would own the app?- it is not something that we would want our opposition to access and use

October 01, 2013

Is Canvas HIPAA compliant? Would collecting patient information through these forms be a violation of HIPAA?

Boston Area Door
October 27, 2013

Can I link directly to and from Quickbooks to eliminate double entries of dispatch/billing?

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