Mobile Inspection Apps on iPad, iPhone, Android / Android Tablets, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile

By James W Quigley on May 1, 2011

Inspection Apps on Smartphones

Mobile inspections on Smartphones and Tablets are a favorite application category for Canvas.  We have inspectors today using Canvas for the widest variety of inspection activities.  Some of our most popular inspection categories include:

Fire Inspections: Organizations who inspect fire suppression and monitoring systems.  These inspection applications replace Fire Inspection Mobile Appsthe clipboard for a tablet or smartphone and are used to provide real time replacement of what can be very cumbersome paper based processes.   Insert a Canvas Reference Database and you can include details on inspections for a specific building or product.    Click Here for Fire Inspection Apps in the Canvas Application Store.


Building Inspections: Whether you are inspecting a commercial or residential building, using a mobile app instead of a clipboard Building Inspection Mobile Appsallows you to include data elements like GPS, image capture and more in an integrated fashion into your "form".  Mobile inspectors who are inspecting buildings are finding it is easier to manage a tablet or smartphone then a pen and paper.  It also provides a more professional response and presentation back to their clients.   Click Here for Building Inspection Apps in the Canvas Application Store.


Restaurant Inspections:  Assuring that a restaurant meets safety and  cleanliness standards are being met is something that is Restaurant Inspection Mobile Appshappening regularly in town, city and state.   These tasks can be laborious and providing real time feedback including images both back to the restaurant and to the inspecting authority is something that inspectors struggle with daily.  Why not take this process wireless and real time?  Click Here for Restaurant Inspections


Vehicle Inspections: Whether you are inspecting large commercial vehicles or consumer automobiles, inspectors of vehicles are Vehicle Inspections on Smartphonestypically faced with pages of inspection forms that need to be filled out and then acted on.  Typically one need of these types of inspections is the ability to collect images and associate them with a particular inspection.  With Canvas you can incorporate images, GPS and even details on certain vehicles using our reference data feature.  Click Here for Vehicle Inspection Apps in the Canvas Application Store. 


Roof Inspections: Inspecting roofs for damage, repair or replacement?   Mobilize that data collection process using yourRoofing Inspection Mobile Apps smartphone or tablet and incorporate key critical data items like material, images of damage, location of building via GPS and much more.   Click Here for Roof Inspection Apps in the Canvas Application Store.


Other Inspections: Canvas can be used for literally millions of inspection applications from appraisals, road inspections, retail inspections and more. Want to view a few other examples? Click Here for a more complete breakout of  general Inspection applications in the Canvas Application Store.  


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