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Bahrns Material Handling & Equipment Company Recoups over $10,000 annually by Using Canvas

Learn how Bahrns streamlined their business by going paperless and discovered they had had a lot of unbilled work orders using their cumbersome paper process.  

By Jason Good on October 29, 2015

Make Your Retail Back Room Work for You with Technology

The retail back room used to be wasted space, but it can now be the epicenter of your store. See how technology can help you make it all work. 

By Michael Benedict on October 22, 2015

6 Ways for Retailers to Avoid OSHA Violations

Adhere to safety standards and pass OSHA inspections with flying colors by following these simple steps.

By Michael Benedict on October 20, 2015

PDF Designer Release Notes: Add a Section & Add a Page Break

We are happy to push out two new pieces of functionality for our recently-released PDF Designer tool.  This tool will continue to get updates just like the rest of Canvas to meet the needs of our wonderful subscribers.  

By Jason Good on October 19, 2015

From Restrooms to Parking Lots: Cleanliness Counts in Retail

Customers expect to see clean bathrooms and parking lots at retail stores, and failing to deliver can affect sales. How to stay tidy and safe.

By Michael Benedict on October 15, 2015

Release Notes: Navigation Bar & Submission Emails

Canvas pushed out another release over the weekend.  I wouldn't describe it as the most exciting release by itself from a subscriber standpoint, but our development team accomplished a lot of great things.  There are two changes that are really visible to our subscribers.  But much of the work done this time around are for things you'll see down the road as we continue to build out features to be release later this year and into early 2016.

Tips for Retailers: Stay OSHA Compliant and Keep Workers Safe

OSHA is cracking down on the retail industry, so it’s never been more important to make sure your store is compliant and safe for employees and customers. 

By Michael Benedict on October 12, 2015

Oregon National Forests Saving Trees…Unsafely?

We've always been fascinated by the idea of working with National Forest Services to eliminate their paperwork and streamline their processes. Could now be the time? 

By Jason Peck on October 11, 2015

How Do Mobile Payments Pay Off for Small and Medium Businesses?

Customers are increasingly interested in using mobile payments at their favorite small businesses. How to get set up, affordably. 

By Devon Drennan on October 9, 2015

How Mobile Payments Can Bring SMBs Bigger Revenues and More

More and more customers are using mobile payments in everyday transactions, and your competitors might already be accepting them. How to get on board.

By Devon Drennan on October 8, 2015