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How Do Mobile Payments Pay Off for Small and Medium Businesses?

Customers are increasingly interested in using mobile payments at their favorite small businesses. How to get set up, affordably. 

By Devon Drennan on October 9, 2015

How Mobile Payments Can Bring SMBs Bigger Revenues and More

More and more customers are using mobile payments in everyday transactions, and your competitors might already be accepting them. How to get on board.

By Devon Drennan on October 8, 2015

Three Technologies That Alleviate Dangers of Confined Spaces

Oil and gas worksite accidents in confined spaces are decreasing, but dangers remain — learn how technology can prevent accidents and save lives.

By Michael Benedict on October 8, 2015

How Mobile Technology is Transforming the Oil and Gas Industry 

The oil and gas industry is both profitable and dangerous, but efficiency and safety improve with mobile apps. 

By Michael Benedict on October 6, 2015

Why Switch to Chip Cards and What They Mean for Your Business

Protecting your small business from fraud liability means accepting new chip cards. PayPal Here offers an affordable, streamlined solution. 

By Devon Drennan on October 5, 2015

Saving Your Workers from Fire and Explosion Hazards

Preventing oil and gas worksite hazards like fires and explosions require vigilance and the right technology. Mobile apps can help.

By Michael Benedict on October 1, 2015

TechCrunch Article - Embrace, Don’t Fear, Shadow IT

Check out this article that our CEO & Co-Founder, James Quigley, wrote for TechCrunch.

By Jason Peck on September 29, 2015

Hidden Hazards at Your Fracking Site and Keeping Workers Safe

Studies have shown that fracking miners are often exposed to high levels of dangerous silica dust. Tips for keeping workers and the worksite safe. 

By Andrew Cantle on September 29, 2015

3 Steps to Prevent Falls at Your Construction Site

Don’t let falls happen at your construction site. Here’s how mobile and other tools can help. 

By Jason Good on September 24, 2015

Release Notes: Workflow, Mobile Editing, and Desktop Client Updates

Our subscribers ask us for new features all of the time.  And we love delivering those features.  In this release we deliver some very specific pieces of functionality that have been requested repeatedly.  Read on to learn about the great new stuff...

By Jason Good on September 23, 2015